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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Retired Products... Going, Going, Gone!

The Weekly Deals are now at an end, Oh no you say!!! Well do not worry as there will still be deals but just not as often. I will keep you updated on these, so no fear.

However, the annual 2015-16 catalogue is finishing and will no longer be with us come the 1st June but we will have the new 2016-17 catalogue! AND I have seen the things in it and it is EXCITING! Cannot wait to share them with you.

Currently though between now and then there are the retired products from the old catalogue which you are able top purchase at a bargain, but get them before they go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  There are some good deals in the retired products list which I have purchased as the fear of not being able to get them again scares me, and I love my crafty products.

Come see me again soon when I will be able to share with you the new in-colours and the new products from the new catalogue.

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