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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Light Box!

Good morning!

I have been looking around pinterest for inspiration and found that many people's photos of their creations look quite professional, I mean they either have their name on the photo and/or their background looks quite bright and shows off their card perfectly, no pair of scissors or a pot of glue in the background.
Based on the above I have already figured out how to do the watermark on the photo with my name and website on it but now I have created my own light box to improve my photo taking!

I still do not have a desk lamp or anything to shine more light onto the card, just have to make do with the ceiling light but I have improved the background, I think my cards seem to show up better now, and I managed to find a cheap plastic stand/easel from Hobbycraft to help angle the card correctly. 

I used one of the boxes that I get from my weekly UPS man from my Stampin' Up goodies he he. I cut off the top and the front and pasted loads of white paper inside of the box, and that was pretty much it and could not believe how much of a difference it made, and happy with my creation.

Anyways the above cards are just another example of the many uses of the Definitely Dahlia Stamp, however I am considering embossing it with embossing powder onto black card as I am intrigued of how that would turn out as I have been doing a few cards with black card and bright WOW embossing powder so when I do I will let you know how that turns out!

That's it for now but I have been busy so will hopefully be on here again to update with more card pics...

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