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Monday, 21 March 2016

Melting Pot & Embossing Powders!


This is going a little bit off topic from stamping but I dug out my Melting Pot from underneath all my cardstock and decided to do a little melt embossing.

I had ordered some new moulds a while ago and wanted to give them a go, having a 5 month old does not give me much time for stuff like that as it is quite a time consuming hobby but my lovely husband gave me some time to myself whilst he looked after the little one for a couple of hours, so I managed to get a lot done!

I had some moulds that looked like lego men and bricks and making embossing liquid colours of blue and red to fill them was fun and they turned out looking quite good. I also put some key ring chains that I had spare into some of them so hopefully they are held in firmly.

I also found some gold and silver embossing powder that I had in my stash so thought wouldn't it be cool to have some lego pieces in these colours and I think they look brilliant.

 I also have some flower moulds so poured the excess liquid into these, which turned out really nice and will glue them and make them into rings and brooches. I love the idea of making my own jewellery and the reason I made the bricks, men and flower pieces is that I can use them as embellishments on my cards, which no other cards will have.

Anyways until next time :-) ...

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