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Monday, 27 June 2016

First Craft Class!

Hello everyone!

So there was not a post on Saturday and that was because I was busy with my first ever craft class!

For my first class friends attended so that I could get a bit of practice in for when I eventually teach others. These were people that are not really into crafting but they were doing me a favour which I am grateful for, but I think after how it went that they really enjoyed it and are regretting making fun of me for getting excited about papercrafting! lol. They now want me to do more classes and are thinking about purchasing some items too, so that is a bonus, as I really liked doing the class, and sharing my passion with others.

I had made quite a few samples which I had on display and which I will show on my blog bit by bit so stay tuned! I also did a small game where I CASED a card from the new catalogue and my attendees had to then find that card in the catalogue, and whoever found it first won the card. It was a way to get them to look at the products in the catalogue but also a little something fun to do!

I would love to do more classes no matter what the size or even 1:1, so if you are interested and live in the Kent area or in the Hertfordshire area (as I am there a lot) then please contact me to discuss details.

I am also currently considering doing Cards in the Post so if you are interested in this then please let me know or keep an eye out on my blog for it. It would be a package I put together where you can make 3 cards I have sampled with products I post to you in the mail, this includes a stamp set, cardstock, embellishments and instructions on how to make them cards. You would have to provide your own adhesive and ink or purchase them from my website. The rough cost of this, including postage, would be about £35, depending what was included, as I can include a stamping block for a little extra. The cost would be payable through PayPal and I will set up a link or email you the details when requested.

SO that is it from me for now but keep an eye out for upcoming classes or events or contact me for further information and details.

Thanks for reading

Sarah x

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